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throughout the state have converged this morning to mourn the dead. >> reporter: we are in -- sandy hook rights here, across from the volunteer fire department. you can see quite a bit of activity. police, firefighters, 24 hours ago it was a different scene, children were running here from their school just around the corner, sandy hook elementary to this fire station after being told by police this is where they can come to be safe because of what was happening in the school. it was a scene of chaos and horror, terrified children, hundreds of them coming here. this morning much calmer, no chaos. nothing horrible but still the memory of what happened yesterday. now, the police are here obviously, state police still here. the investigation continues at the school. just around the corner. you can see the police over there talking to people coming in. making sure that the media don't crossover the line. taking flowers as people bring them in. we got here at about 1:40 this morning after flying in from the bay area. we went straight to saint rose church where there was a human memorial vigil
of the sandy hook shooting as the nation remembers their lives and mourns their loss. and we wants to update you now on a story we first reported yesterday here on mornings on 2. oakland police have arrested two people in connection to a quadruple shooting. it happened around this time yesterday morning between 84th and 85th avenues. officers found three men shot. a woman that was also hurt was dropped off at the hospital. they are all expected to recover. >>> a teenage boy remains in critical shooting after getting involved in a drive by. police say four men in a car opened fire on the teen. the teen victim was able to walk about a block to san francisco general hospital. no arrests have been made in the case. >>> bad news for businesses looking to move to san francisco. the city has seen the largest leap in office space costs world-wide. a new report says occupancy costs which include rent, local taxes, and service charges jumped 36.4% in downtown san francisco in the last year. the cost rose to $90 per square foot. and if you live in the 415 getting a new phone number could mean changing
's listen in. >> as we mourn the tragedy at sandy hook elementariary school, members of congress and all americans offer the word of consolation to the families, words of grief, of mourning, our prayers. yet no words are adequate to console the families these children and others taken from us in an act of senseless, unspeakable violence. here in congress what we need now are not more words, what we need is action. we must take action to protect our children from harm to preserve the safety of our schools and to keep our community safe. we must take action so that we can tell our children that we are doing everything in ure power to prevent -- in our power to prevent these tragedies from ever happening again. this morning you will be hearing from members of colleagues. steny hoyer. he may not be able to stay here the entire time with us. as we know, as the president said on sunday night, we can't tolerate this anymore. these tragedies must end and to end them we must change. in congress we're blessed with the leadership of congresswoman carolyn mccarthy. she's brought to this debate her o
in newtown, connecticut mourning the victims of the connecticut shooting on friday. last night, president obama and the governor of connecticut were among the speakers at a very emotional vigil. now the people are preparing to bury the victims. two funerals are scheduled today. >>> back here in the bay area, a church is planning an interfaith service tonight to reflect on what happened last week. the service will be at 7:00 tonight at first presbyterian church of burlingame. that's at 1500 easton drive. local religious leaders and public school trustees will be there. they will include prayers, readings and expressions of remembrance and hope. >>> about an hour ago, police in newtown, held this news conference with the latest information about that deadly shooting on friday. they just announced that classes at schools in newtown will resume tomorrow with the exception of sandy hook elementary. mup at 7:37. we'll get -- coming up at 7:37, we'll get a live report from newtown, what the community is about to do to honor two young victims. >>> happening now -- workers and volunteers are getti
an upstate new york community is in mourning after two volunteer firefighters were shot to death. a vigil was held in webster. four firefighters were shot as they returned to the scene early in the morning. steve rapaport has more. >> the tragedy -- >> reporter: a shocking crime early capacity eve morning. four local firefighters are shot as they rushed to the scene of a fire in webster new york. two firefighters never coming back. >> there was a car in a house that was engulfed in flames probably set by mr. splenger who wayed in wait with armment and shot the -- armiment and shot the first responders. >> reporter: police say he set the house fire himself, destroying six other homes and then hid in an edge becamement setting the -- in an e bankment setting the -- embankment. >> in my ka police career -- i've never seen anything like this. >> i don't know how you couldn't come out tonight. these guys are everybody's hear hoar -- everybody's heroes. when that alarm sounds, they all go. >> reporter: another story of gun violence hitting everyone close to the holidays. >> this sa time of cel
and shooting. >> a woman has died from thursday night's hit and run crash at twin peaks. her son is mourning her loss. he spoke to us about losing his mother. he said he took her and his two friends to twin peak to see the view. then a car sped toward them as they walked down the road. >> a pair of headlights in front of me. i jumped over the wall. after i stand up i can't find my mom. she is gone. >> his mother and friends fell over a wall and 30 feet down a hill. his friends are at hospital. police arrested a female driver two male passengers a short distance away. the drive driver is in jail. >> the last of the funerals for the victims of the connecticut school shooting will be held today. five were held yesterday. after a service for dilan hockly his 8-year-old brother released balloons. families also said good-bye to grace mcdonald and four others. >>> meantime we are hearing new details about the gunman. former classmates said he wore the same clothes every day and rarely spoke. he once give a presentation through a computer instead of speaking and a former classmate said he enjoy
happen soon in mourn mountain view. google has offered to restore the hanger one blimp in exchange for a long term lease but the government could sign off the property because nasa said it's to expensive to maintain. they have asked for a policy meeting to discuss the possibility. >>> two swiss engineers have plans to fly around the world in a completely solar powered air craft by 2015. it's flown 2500 miles from switzerland to africa but now they want to store enough energy while flying in daylight to power their flight through the night. they have to consider what will happen if they run into bad weather and the panels not exposed to the sun. >> that would be a problem. if you are driving during the christmas holidays you will have a lot of company. aaa said more will travel for the holidays than any time since 2006. almost 91% plan to drive at least 50 miles. that translates to more than 84 million people going somewhere in a car and that's a new record. >> lot of people hitting the road. see how people are doing this morning while driving. let's check in with sal. >> 880 we
they plan to reoperate. >>> there's still -- they are still in shock and mourning after a high school athlete was killed in concord. what class nates want to do in that teen's memory. >>> and -- classmates want to do in that teen's memory >>> students and staff at concord high school are houring the death of a star student athlete. 17-year-old montrell blakely who was tragically killed. the school principal showed us his senior pictures. they were just taken on saturday, only a few hours before he was shot and killed in san francisco's bayview district. word of the young football player's death shocked his family and friends and grief counselors met with some 50 students. >> he was a good kid. everybody knew who he was. everybody wanted to be around him. >> a candlelight vigil will be held friday night at the concord high school football field and his teammates plan to donate christmas trees to media families in -- immediatey families in his -- needy families in his name. >>> there is a special address to send letters and care packages to the survivors and their families in newtown, c
. ♪ >> and then last night, members of solano county sikh community played -- prayed and lit candles as they mourned the lives lost. >>> 19 minutes before 9:00. two abandoned horses were found in monterey county. now an animal protection group is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. the sbca found the 20-year-old and 7-year-old forces north of salinas. both animals were thin and covered in ticks. the society says the horses were likely abandoned. >>> henry coe state park will stay open for at least the next two years. the "sacramento bee reports, the state will match $279,000 in donations made to help keep the park open. the donations will come from surplus funds that park officials kept hidden for years even though budget cuts led to park closures. henry coe is the largest state park in northern california. >>> 8:42. a blockbuster business story about the stock exchange. how the new york stock exchange has just been -- has just been sold. how the economy will be affected. >> reporter: 36 people forced from their homes just days before christmas here in san francisco. we'll
. that happened about 2:00 this mourning on colon street. firefighters say it appears no one was inside when the flames started. they believe a candle or a cigarette -- may have started it. the man who lives there will have to find another place to stay today. >>> new trouble this morning for a marine who was praised -- praised for standing watch at a california elementary school. what he lied about and how he's explaining his actions. >>> your weather is a big part of the news today -- of the news today. >>> a former u.s. marine who has been praised for voluntarily standing guard outside of a -- out side of a elementary school in modesto apparently lied about his military service. on monday, craig usely went to houston elementary school in his un form and -- and stood guard. he said he was a sergeant in the reserve and -- and served in afghanistan and iraq. however, the u.s. marine corps said he never served -- he never served overseas and was discharged. some parents say he could -- they should have -- some parents say a brack ground should have been done. background should have been done.
. >> i have to go back home and live on the same street they live on and mourn their death and realize that i thought she would be able to make it back to school on the 7th when school go back from winter break. >>> now, a second victim, a 14- year-old boy is recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries. authorities are checking the surveillance video and they are also questioning witnesses in hopes of finding some answers. >>> we now know the names of two young men killed last friday in west oakland. police say 21-year-old darryl armstrong and 19-year-old keith davis were killed on mead avenue. the victims were friends, that armstrong lived near the shooting spree. no arrests have been made. the investigation continues. >>> tomorrow will be four years since the shooting death of oscar grant. on january 1st, 2009, oscar grant was shot and killed by b.a.r.t. police officer johannes mehserle on the platform of the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. that shooting was caught on cell phone video. a jury later convicted johannes mehserle of involuntary manslaughter. on the car grant's family and fr
or tim signs will be stigmatized. >> at a time when people were mourning the shooting one woman took advantage by setting up a charity scam in connection to the tragedy. >> she set up an internet scam claiming to be the aunt of a six year old. she advertising saying a funeral fund was open to donors and asked for prayers. the uncle southern land disgusted that someone would do this. >> i think of the scammers and they're stealing from them. they're. >> from this tragedy. >> she denies opening fund and says someone hacked her facebook page. she faces up to five years in jail for lying to federal agents. >> caught on tape, a giant shark tank burst. what caused this mishap. plus the injuries suffered by onlookers. >> also it's another cloudy and chilly morning as steve was talking about. he'll be back to tell us whether there's any rain in the forecast. >> here's a look at the toll plaza. traffic moving along very well. we'll tell you about an incident on highway 24, nec >>> welcome back to mornings on 2. surveillance video shows a 33-ton aquarium shattering inside a shopping mall in c
the patrol car but the officer was not hurt. >> hundreds mourn the late boxer in the east harlem church where he attended services as a child. he was taken off life support last week after being shot while sitting in a parked car. he was a former world champion boxer who won bouts against sugar ray leonard and others. . >> the president faces mounting pressure to make a decision on whether to approve the keystone pipeline. some say they are stronglyo opposed to the plan. support appears to be building on capitol hill and a group of senators has urged the president to approve it quickly. supporters say it would create jobs and reduce the demand for oil from the middle east. >> the president delivers his weekly address from a toy factory in pennsylvania while workers kept up with the christmas rush the president discussed the so-called fiscal cliff. >> if congress does nothing, every family will see their income tax automatic go up at the beginning of next year. a typical middle class family of four will see their income taxes rise by $2,200. >> they urged him to pass a law to bring d
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